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Pandemic unable to thwart prayer event at Chattahoochee church

For many years, First United Methodist Church of Chattahoochee has hosted the National Day of Prayer.

Even amid a global pandemic that has managed to put the kibosh on dozens of beloved community traditions and annual events – both religious and secular – once more, the dedicated, undaunted flock of Chattahoochee First United Methodist will host National Day of Prayer festivities this year, albeit with a few social distancing-friendly protocols in place. The day of reverence, personal reflection and prayer begins bright and early and lasts all day, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. next Thursday, May 7 at First Methodist, 118 Main Street.

The sanctuary of First United Methodist Church will be open all day, and everyone is invited to come in at his or her leisure to pray at the altar – for our world, our country, our leaders, our communities, our families and our friends. For those unable to safely climb the church steps, the adjacent Chapel will be open, as well.

“This year’s National Day of Prayer theme is ‘Pray God’s Glory Across the Earth.’ We ask that you pray especially for all of our essential workers,” local outreach coordinator Kathryn Scott said. Church officials request that all participants respect local social distancing guidelines, maintaining six feet between yourself and others, and don a protective face mask, as per the recent Gadsden County mandate.

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