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Piecemakers host their 16th annual Quilt Show

Since 2006, the Greensboro First Baptist Church has hosted an event where they sell homemade quilts to the public.

The quilts are handmade by a group of local ladies who attend the church – a group who go by the name ‘Piecemakers’.

The organization consists of eight people, Genera Shepard, Janet Kever, Patsy Willis, Shirley Clark, Jessica Lynn, Darlene Brogdon, Bea Hopkins, and Miriam Alston.

Last weekend, the Piecemakers held their 16th annual quilt show at Greensboro First Baptist Church. The group displayed the quilts that they had stitched together throughout the last year.

These ladies meet at the church every Tuesday at 5 p.m. and stitch together quilts, which they will then use to bless a person in the community who is chosen to receive the lovingly-made quilt.

“Each person ties a note and says a prayer for whoever gets the quilt” said Janet Kever, a Piecemakers member.

The annual quilt show in Greensboro was originally not meant as a sale of quilts – it instead got its start as an annual lesson in quilting.

Loretta Hodge, a member of the church, asked Kever if she thought anyone would be interested in learning how to quilt at the church; Kever liked the idea and pitched it to the pastor.

The first meeting was set up and lessons on how to make quilts were taught.

Eventually, the small group of church members making quilts was identified as the Piecemakers and the first quilt show was hosted to show off the quilts that were made during their workshops at the church.

“We used to just show the church members our quilts we made, that’s why it’s called the Quilt

Show,” said Patsy Willis, another Piecemakers member.

After 16 years, the show has been able to make over 300 quilted blankets and other quilted items like pan holders, birth cloths, and smaller blankets for children.

The ladies who make up the Greensboro Piecemakers group use their quilts as a mission to members of the community, as well as a social sewing opportunity for members of the group. 

Most of the funding that was raised from the quilt shows is given to the church and supplies for the Piecemakers to help more members learn to quilt.

So far, the funds have helped more members join the Piecemakers.

“We [Piecemakers] are small but we are growing because of these shows,” said Willis.

The Piecemakers plan to continue growing their organization so they can make more quilts for the annual show because it gives the church members a chance to come together and enjoy quality time buying quilts for their loved ones.

“We got refreshments for anyone who comes out and supports us! We want everyone to have a good time,” said Kever.

The members encourage everyone in town to join them in their weekly meetings to learn more about their membership.

“You do not have to be a part of the church to join, we accept everyone who is interested and we always meet at the church” adds Kever.

For more details about buying or making quilts, stop by the First Baptist Church of Greensboro.

 Marlana Lawrence – Gadsden County News Service