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Quincy teen convicted of murder

A Quincy teen was convicted of first-degree murder on Friday, March 24 for the shooting death of a Tallahassee teen.

Prosecutors say shortly after midnight on January 26, 2021, the defendant executed Jalen Jones. 

It was Jones’ 18th birthday.

Prosecutors say the defendant and victim met at San Marcos Apartments in Tallahassee where  Sailor told Jones he had found someone they could potentially rob during a cannabis deal.

According to a press release from Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney Jack Campbell’s Office, unbeknownst to Jones, he was actually the defendant’s intended target.

The new release says as Jones and Sailor walked down a trail connecting the apartments to a nearby convenience store, Sailor shot Jones in the back of the head one time, and then rolled him over and searched Sailor’s pockets, stealing the victim’s firearm, cell phone, and birthday money.

Mario Sailor, Jr.

Investigators with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office constructed a timeline of the victim’s last contacts, eventually zeroing in on Instagram records from both the defendant and victim.

Sailor’s Instagram records showed him discussing the murder with a friend just before and after it occurred. The defendant discussed selling the guns involved and getting rid of the victim’s phone.

Sailor was arrested and in March 2021 admitted his involvement during a post-Miranda interview but did not reveal a reason as to why he killed the victim.

Following his arrest, the murder weapon was located in Gadsden County and was ballistically confirmed to have fired the fatal shot.

The firearm was also identified as Sailor’s from photos on his phone and Instagram.

The defendant’s DNA was found in the victim’s inner jacket pocket and cell phone evidence placed him in the location of the crime scene at the time of the murder.

Sailor testified at trial and claimed self-defense.

The jury deliberated for two hours and returned a verdict of guilty as charged.

Sailor, who was 17 years old at the time of the murder, is facing a 40-year minimum mandatory with a maximum of life in prison. 

A sentencing date has not yet been set, but a status update is scheduled for April 10.