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Quincy to Prohibit through-traffic commercial vehicles

At its April 10 City Council meeting, Quincy of- ficials gave a unanimous nod to an ordinance pro- hibiting commercial vehicles from transiting through downtown rather than using the mandated Quincy Bypass that links Highway 12 with Highway 90.

The ordinance was approved on second reading and carries increasing penalties if violated.

Similarly, the commissioners gave unanimous ap- proval for another ordinance on second reading up- dating the city’s Floodplain ordinance.

City Manager Mike Wade brought up an issue that City Attorney Scott Shirley had proposed on how to deal with the temporary auto sales businesses that have begun popping up around town.

“This ordinance excludes temporary sales unless conducted by a regular vehicle dealer,” Shirley said. “They can’t just set up and conduct sales. They have to have an established dealership within city limits.”

Commissioner Keith Dowdell also initiated a dis- cussion about the under-utilized Tanyard Creek Park Ampitheater.,The board decided to address this issue in a workshop at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 7.

The council also changed its April 24 meeting to Monday, April 23 due to the city election that night.

Story by: Sandi Beare