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Robert F. Munroe Bobcats 2023 Basketball Season Starts – The Bobcats are looking forward to a basketball season full of new achievements.

On Nov. 20 the Robert F, Munroe Varsity Boys Bobcats basketball team brought home their first win of the season from Orlando. It was a close game with a final score of 53-51 but the team managed to gain the points needed for a successful win.

Unfortunately, they brought home a loss from Jacksonville where they faced off the Episcopal School of Jacksonville Eagles with a final score of 64-38. Don’t fret though because the Bobcats still have a full season of games to play and bring in more great wins like their first game!

Last season the Bobcats Varsity boys snagged fourteen wins and 9 losses which was a very good balanced total out of twenty-three games. This season is sure to be an exciting one so make sure to try to get out, attend some of the games and cheer on those Bobcats!

The Lady Bobcats will be starting their new basketball season this week so let’s wish them luck as they enter the season with their best game! Last season the ladies held 13 wins over 10 losses. Hmmm, one less game win than the boys. Lady Bobcats, what do you say about making it a competition this year to see if you can bring in more wins than the boys? 

Patricia Smith – Gadsden County News Service