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Samieryah Bradwell scores more than 20 Name, Image and Likeness deals

University of Central Florida track and field standout Samieryah Bradwell recently landed a Name, Image, Likekness Name, Image and Likeness deal with The Super Patch Company.

Florida in 2021 was among the first states to pass what is known as a name, image and likeness, or NIL law, which allows college athletes to profit from such things as endorsement deals.

Bradwell, a graduate student with a strong social media presence, has attracted the attention of  many reputable brands.

“I’m very proud of her, she is worthy of any professional Name, Image and Likeness deal,” said Coach Leander McKenzie, Godby High School’s girls’ track hurdles coach.

Following Bradwell through her Instagram account, The Super Patch Company reached out with interests to collaborate. 

“I’m not surprised,” said Coach Jesse Forbes, Amos P. Godby’s high school track and field coach of 45 years. “She works hard on the field as well as in the classroom. That’s just Sam.”

After researching and receiving careful guidance from her father, Kurk Bradwell, the six-year track and field star recentybegan a new partnership. 

“The Super Patch Name, Image, Likeness collaboration marks her 21st,” noted Sameriya’s father, Kurk Bradwell, who keeps a watchful eye on his daughter’s progress. 

Kurk said the patch is waterproof, lasts 24 hours and fits comfortably on any part of the body. While Freedom Patch soothes soreness in muscles, targeting athletes, Focus Patch aides in studying and Peace Patch relieves stress, to name a few.

“Freedom is my favorite,”  said Bradwell.

Bradwell’s athletic journey is unusual yet inspiring.

During high school she relocated to Midway, Florida, to live with her father.

Enrolling in Amos P. Godby high school as a sophomore, shortly after, the 2018 graduate joined the volleyball team, realizing she was good at sports, even though this was her first experience with sports of any sort. 

Bradwell said her father encouraged her to join the track and field team to stay in shape during the offseason. Kurk, a former track and field athlete himself, ran the 800 meter and the two mile run. 

“I became an athlete after moving with my dad,” explained Bradwell, who’s pursuing a master’s degree in health administration. 

Exposing her exceptional talent and determination she began her track and field journey under Forbes and McKenzie. 

“She wanted to be a sprinter,” McKenzie said.

Bradwell made waves running the 4×4 Relay, 400 meters, scoring a record  breaking 3.31.88 4×4 Relay, ranking her the 14th fastest in the nation. 

McKenzie began contacting colleges. She said recruits were seeking hurdle talents. 

Just short of two years, Bradwell earned a scholarship from University of Central Florida as a stand out hurdler.

“We’re proud of her,” Forbes and McKenzie both said.

Bradwell continues to balance academics and athletics. She is looking forward to graduating this fall, while finishing her internship at Dr. Traci’s House in Tampa.

The aspiring medical professional said shel remains motivated, remembering the small business her dad created dedicated to her success, “#You Keep Winning.”

Kiwanis White  – Gadsden County News Service