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Scott seeks re-election to school board

Steve Scott has announced he plans to seek reelection to the Gadsden County School Board District 2 seat.

He is currently School Board Chairman and was vice-chairman in 2017. Both positions are elected by board members.

“It is a privilege and pleasure to continue to serve the students, parents and citizenry of Gadsden County in the educational arena,” Scott said in his announcement. “Our future success travels by way of education and achievement.”

Prior to this first term on the School Board, Scott was a teacher in Gadsden County for 33 years and is a former District Teacher of the Year.

He cited several accomplishments and achievements in the Gadsden Public School District as having occurred during his four years on the Board, including an increased graduation rate with the largest number of graduates with a 3.0 GPA or higher; expanded classes via virtual learning, dual-enrollment, and industry certification; Havana Magnet School and Gadsden Elementary Magnet School being recognized for excellence by state and national organizations; the District achieving accreditation by Advanced Ed; and 11 district educators being recognized by the Department of Education as High Impact Teachers.

Scott said he led successful fights for salary increases for all district employees in 2016 after they had gone 10 years without a raise, and again in 2018.

He said his focus is on financial resourcefulness and efficiency rather than tax increases. Scott is a Gadsden County native and has been married for 37 years to his wife, Lucinda. They have three children and two grandchildren and attend First Presbyterian Church of Quincy.

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