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The Big Red Apple – When was the last time you held or read an old children’s book?

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things was to sit in my grandfather’s lap while he read a book to me. The first time he read The Big Red Apple to me was very special and I fell in love with the story so much he ended up reading it to me everyday after for I don’t know how long!

The sweet children’s book is about a grandfather who wishes he had a big red apple and his little grandson who goes on an outdoor adventure to find one. His grandfather was so happy with the find and tied the apple to a string and hung it in the fireplace over the flames until it was roasted and was ready to eat. What a delicious treat!

Of course, I had the best grandfather ever and he too roasted a big red apple over a fire for me to make the story even more special!

My grandfather passed away many years ago, but he sure left me with some great old books and memories.

There have been many books since Kate Whiting’s version of The Big Red Apple that was published in 1968, but none of them compare to hers. 

Patricia Smith – Gadsden County News Service