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Time marches on…

Perched atop the Gadsden County skyline like a beacon reaching up toward the heavens, the Gadsden County Courthouse clock tower is easily the most eye-catching sight in downtown Quincy. The centerpiece of the stately classical revival dome is the enormous clock, its hands marking Gadsden County’s “official time” for generations, until wear and the elements caused the hands to stop at times in recent years. But recent repairs by nationally renowned “big clock experts” – shown dwarfed by the mammoth clock face and hands – have restored the old timepiece to its former glory as part of a massive, multimillion dollar project undertaken by the county to renovate and revive the aging brick structure, built in 1912-1913 – a quintessential example of the early 20th century’s popular classical revival architectural style. As Gadsden County moves toward the future, the enormous iron hands of the historic courthouse will now continue to tick faithfully, a reminder of the often slow, but steady progress in the county since its early days.


Photos courtesy BOCC