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Trespassers reported in Wayside – Increased suspicions of crime grow as the Christmas Holiday approaches.

Holidays, hunting, and crime normally intertwine when it comes to trespassing. Havana has been hopping with locals preparing for upcoming Christmas events next month but are also on guard for active criminals as well.

Last week the buzz was all about porch bandits stealing packages from local residences and this week the hot topic is trespassers who appear to be hunters.

Property owners in the Wayside area have alerted local law enforcement of two trespassers armed with guns. The two male trespassers were recently caught on video walking through wooded property. From looking at the video images it appears both trespassers were white men with shoulder length hair and beards. They were both wearing t-shirts and carrying rifles. It also looks like one of the men has a tattoo on his right forearm.

The trespassers are suspected to be roaming hunters. Havana property owners should immediately report any sighting or suspicious activity to local authorities. If anyone has any other details or information regarding the descriptions of the trespassers or of their last seen whereabouts would be very helpful and appreciated contributions.

Patricia Smith – Gadsden County News Service