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Tricia’s Place – Boy, do I get mail

I do recall the days, not too far past, when I received letters, freebies, and thick, colorful catalogs in my mailbox.

Well,  things have changed…who would have thought that 20 years would make so much difference!

I do continue to receive catalogs full of  “Juicy Gotta Haves!” that I’ve gone through, (meaning I have marked things I’d like to order).

Those magazines of ‘gotta-have’ items show off a new brand of ‘ladies incontinent briefs’ (they have pictures of tiny roses around the elastic band!) – I’m just going to have to get a couple of those.

They had a wonderful selection of pads for my bunions, a pad to fit every bunion, male or female.

Also, lots of new walking canes!

With my pen, I circled and selected one of the fold up models, that looks like white marble.

In the magazine, there is a walker, with a seat just in case one walks too far and needs a break. You betcha, I’m gonna buy one!

But, back to the subject of the mail I have been receiving in my mailbox…

I received several very neatly written, “invites” to call a company, called  “Rest In Peace” and they say they want to help me design my coming funeral service (I wonder if they know something I don’t know!).

I  also receive plenty of letters that look like an official letter from the Social Security office; I hastily tear it open hoping there will be a check in there (there never is), but at least the idea of it, made my heart beat faster!

One piece of mail I get quite frequently is regarding my car’s warranty, and starts out with a “Did you forget to renew your car’s warranty?!” It then states: “better get signed up for this immediately! Just fill out the enclosed sheet, and send a check for $378.00,  and your car will be safe for six months!”

The other types of mail I receive are generally related to life insurance, telling me they can insure me, “without a doctor’s check up” for only 65 cents per day.

“This will buy you two thousand dollars’ worth of insurance, fill out the enclosed sheet, and send the check in to us!”

Some people will do anything to get a buck out of you…

This list of changing mail reveals a lot; we are getting older, and they know it.

We live on fixed incomes, and they know it, furthermore these companies want as much as they can get from  us.

As today’s older generation, we are headed the same way, they know that and use it against us.

Seniors need to be careful not to be intimidated, or frightened by the mail or telephone calls; do not give your personal info out over the phone, or on an application…that includes your Social Security information, our bank account number or any other personal information.

A friend of mine says that if he gets a call with no number given or from an unknown number, he answers the phone like this:   “Good afternoon, Gadsden County Jail – how may I direct your call?”

He says they usually hang up quickly!

Take care of yourselves and each other.
Until Next Time……

          By Patricia Ann Hinson Mordes