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Tricia’s Place – Love, Computer Style

Everybody, no matter how young or old, needs human contact, be it a friendly meeting once a week at 8 a.m., at Mcdonald’s for coffee, and conversation, or being taken out to a dinner date at a fancy restaurant, with dancing, and great cuisine.

Today, we no longer have to depend on just meeting someone at church or being recommended to someone (or having someone recommended to us) by friends, cousins, extended family, and coworkers.

Now when one is lonely and down hearted, all they need to do is go online.

There you will find quite a lot of dating websites that want you to their platform of love-seekers and lonely hearts.

They usually have photos of all the men. And women, who have joined.

Usually the price for this online dating service runs for about $20 per month, they do take Visa, and they will allow you to type in your profile, and send several photos of yourself in, so that your prospective dates have a general idea on what you look like.

You’ll pick out people you like (usually solely based on their looks, but maybe based on what they wrote about themselves) then you send them a message, and before you know it, they are sending messages back to you.

After a while, your self confidence will soar!

If this dating website’s word is to be trusted, you’ll soon have so many men flocking to talk to you, that you’ll have to keep a “Date Book” to keep all of the men and meetings straight.

Remember this though, people can pretend to be anyone they want to be online.

No matter how smooth-talking the online gentlemen are, do not give them your correct living address and do not go with them to their living address.

Only go out in public with them, and it is better to drive your own car to the public meeting place, then to have them pick you up and ride with them in their car.

Do not give money or credit cards information to your hot date and, above all, do not give up your life on a whim, move quickly to New York City, to be with the online-man you recently met and are now deeply in love with!

I know a lady who quit her job, sold her house, and moved to the big city all at the whim of her online-man.

She was “loved and wanted” almost until her credit cards were all maxed out! Luckily, she managed to get back home via airplane, and arrived here, penniless and on the streets.

Her friends back at home helped her until she could stand alone again.

This is not to say that nothing ever works out regarding dating sites online, some people have had very good success with finding “The One” on online dating websites. Many happy couples have married and had kids, and are still together, all thanks to an online dating service.

I myself met several nice men. I got six marriage proposals and had a few more to just “move in” to my place with me…as you can imagine, I declined on any of the above, but I admit to having fun talking to the guys, and going out for coffee, or dinner.

I never took them to my house nor did I go to theirs! Date in public, never alone”.

I have met some real “Corkers” who were straight from the backwoods of “Tate’s Hell.” Others were country boys, but the real sweet and kind type.

I have all kinds of stories I could tell you.

Maybe one day I will.

Till then, be careful, and have fun on the safe side!

Until another time,
by Patricia Ann Hinson Mordes