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Tricia’s Place – My Car, the Trashcan

There are people out there who really love their vehicles. They keep them spotless on the inside and outside. The “coat color” of their car is so polished that the sun makes them glisten like diamonds!

I have heard these proud owners yell at any potential passenger, “No you don’t! Nothing to drink or eat in MY car!”

People will literally back up from the screaming owner! I have seen folk change their mind about riding in that particular vehicle! There may be one or two who would rather ride a bike than ride with those obsessive car-owners.

Then there are others, sorta like myself, who will clean our cars out once in a while, or wash it (if the going gets rough) but never, ever, polish our cars.

I was raised to be a clean and neat person, at least my mom and dad were clean people and all I can say is that they tried to instill those values of neatness and tidiness in me. Don’t get me wrong, now, I love clean, neat cars and houses, its just that I don’t choose to use my time always cleaning everything.

I mean, well life is short, and car garbage bags are too small for me to bring with me for every empty coffee cup or empty soda can. I mean, I am driving, and the bag is way over on the passengers side,

Inside my little Japanese hatch-back, sometimes, I do bring the bag, and it makes me feel so happy and accomplished!

My former job required a lot of driving, sometimes with passengers joining me. I have attempted to take a client somewhere on my car, and it isn’t until I open the door, and hear the sounds of soda cans hitting the pavement, that I realize the condition of my car.

I then have to beg for apologies, and get the garbage bag, while the person is standing there, looking at me, with pursed lips and an “I can’t believe this,” look on their face!

Anyway, I gather up all the cans, and wrappers from crackers, chips, candy, as well as soda cans, put them in the bag (I kept missing), and put them in the nearest trashcan.

Then we are buckled in and on our way!

My passenger said, “I can’t stand for my car to get trash in it, nor cans, or

wrappers. I always clean mine out totally when I get home with the vehicle. I never could stand a messy car or house!”

As we stop at a stoplight, and yet another soda can rolls out from under my passenger’s seat, I agree, I agreed “me too!!”

“I always clean mine out just as soon as I get home, or I at least try to,” I say. “Sometimes I am distracted by other important things, though. I have a lot of people in my life who need my attention. I tend to feel that people are more important than taking time to clean out cars!”

She replied, “But you have to clean the car out sometime!”

“Yep I do,” I say. “Whenever I stop, and an empty soda can rolls out on my passenger’s feet!”

Everyone, be safe, wear masks, and vote!
Patricia Ann Hinson Mordes