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Tricia’s Place: The best car I’ve ever owned

Once, several years ago, while in one of those “Captivating training sessions,” our creative instructor decided to loosen us up with a game. The first question of the game was: “What is your favorite car”

Well, the first thing that came to my mind was: “One that runs, always, no oil problems,  no Module problems, no fuel, no radiator problems, no battery or tire troubles either!”

I don’t care what color it is, but I would like a windshield with wipers, doors with windows, and locks that work. I really do not want to duct tape a piece of cardboard in the hole where the window used to be.

My wish list would also contain a working air conditioner and a working radio, although nothing fancy, just one that plays the news, weather and talk radio. I have no desire to ride all over town “Boom Booming” everybody with the music that some people play!

After I wrote down my answer, the game continued. All the answers were mixed up and put in a bag.  Some lucky trainee got to draw out an answer and read it.  I noticed that as they went through these answers, one at a time, all of the answers spanned all makes and models, for example,  some had written “A red Corvette,” or “A 196-Original light green Mustang” and “A yellow Porsche.”

When my answer came up, the room grew silent,  I spoke up, and said,   “All I want is a car that will run, winter or summer, have no mechanical problems, will not leave me sitting beside the highway, with  no way to go anywhere, except walk.

They seemed shocked at my candor!

“But don’t you want a certain style and color?” they asked. “A car that goes fast?”

I answered, “Not if it won’t run. It doesn’t matter the name, color or how fast the car goes, if it won’t go at all!”

I finally realized that I was a good bit older than these young adults. I have spent a large portion of my life, sitting beside a car that is broken down beside the country dirt road I was traveling on. In those days no one had a cell phone. When you broke down, you got out and walked to the nearest house. Then, in as polite a way as possible, you asked to use the home telephone.

If we had a flat tire, we better know how to fix them ourselves. Yes, especially girls!

I well remember a classic 1957 Chevrolet sedan, with fins, the color was shiny black, and the interior was a beautiful red. The mental picture of that vehicle is etched into my heart! I also well remember how it looked as I walked away from it.

It was by the side of the road, as it was not running. I think that’s when my “dream car” desires surfaced.     

Remember   the most important thing about a car is that it runs!

More “vignettes” from me to you, at a later date.

Stay safe!