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Tricia’s Place – The Hurricane

Our most recent hurricane, “Sally” was said to be a “slow mover” by a meteorologist on TV.

The meteorologist reporter stated that a slow-moving hurricane means “rain, and lots of it!”

While Hurricane Sally drew closer to Florida, including Gadsden County, the weather reporters offered all day coverage on the hurricane that was hovering over Florida.

As I kept an eye on the weather-related news, I learned that Sally did not turn westerly, as meteorologists thought she might, but the meteorologists were correct about Hurricane Sally being a “Slow Mover” and that she would be producing a lot of rain!”

At my home, we got 36 inches of rain water and as Gabe and I watched the rain fill up the yard, I noticed  the water had covered the bottom two doorsteps as well as my two-foot, banana tree!

I looked toward my car and noted that the water half covered my car!

Then I got to thinking, “I bet this car’s wiring, electrical system, computer system, door locks, and the radio will never work again, because of the severe water damage.”

I said to myself, “bet my excellent insurance will total this thing, and buy another, newer model car!”

Now my heart set to galloping, I was so excited at the prospect of getting a new car!

Well, the following morning, all the water around my car and in my yard had dissipated and the ground did not appear squishy, so I went out, barefooted, to see how the area around my property was faring.

The ground felt solid, not mushy or boggy in any way, so Gabe and I rode slowly down the road that runs from our house to the stop sign, and took two bags of garbage we had saved until the rain stopped.

We came back , picked up the last two bags and took them down to the road (we do this with garbage when it storms for days) and I left the car on while I walked around it to pick up some minor trash that had floated by.

While doing that, I heard the car make a cough-like noise from the rear, then again. Gabe and I went around the car and saw water running out of the tailpipe in spurts; the car spat and gargled for about 30 minutes, then the gurgling and coughing stopped, and I guessed my car had finished spitting water from its bowels.

From that point on, the car was running great.

“Darn it!” I thought, knowing now that insurance would be unlikely to total my car and help fund a new one.

Then I started doing some “Stinking Thinking” and remembered that we are only a few miles from the swelling river!

I pretty quickly thought that over and ditched the evil idea!

I then chastised myself for not being thankful that the car was running great and had no damage, except for a few scratches, which I had gotten from my mailbox.

There was a time when two Florida vultures were having a snack on the side of the road and as I drove near, then became frightened by my car.

The vultures flew up the side of the car, one scratching the car, while the other hit the side mirror and knocked it off.

One of the buzzards then fell under my tire and had an untimely passing.

As for the dents, dings and scratches on my car, some would say, “get it painted at a body shop!”

Then there are others, like me, who say “heck, it’s just scratches, learn to live with it!”

So, I think I’ll just learn to live with the car I got…

Hope you all made it through the storm OK,
Be safe and well.
Patricia Ann Hinson Mordes