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Unlocked: Unraveling the Layers – Devonte King’s art exhibit opens Saturday, April 20 at the Marie Brooks Gallery.

Join artist Devonte King as he showcases his first art collection, by unlocking his vault to express a new era of art in the Gadsden County community.

This collection titled, “UNLOCKED: Unraveling the Layers”, will feature a diverse range of art forms, such as realistic and abstract paintings, sculptures, and mixed media. Each piece is meant to invite the viewers to peel back the various layers and explore the intricate details that hide beneath the surface.

King, a native of Quincy, Florida, has been showcasing his gift in visual arts for more than two decades, dating back to his first art award when he won the Best in Show – Self Portrait (Student Edition) at the age of four. Over the years, he has risen to prominence for his freehand versatile and expressive paintings; ranging from portraits to seasonal store front window murals.

Viewers will have an opportunity to engage directly with the artist and gain insight into his creative process and inspiration behind his artwork.

“Unlocked: Unraveling the Layers” opens with a reception and KGM Scholarship Award Ceremony at the Marie Brooks Gallery, 11 West Jefferson Street, in the historic downtown district of Quincy, FL., Saturday, April 20, 2024, at 6:00PM. Celebrate the boundless beauty and explore the multidimensional aspects of artistic expression in the intricate layers that live within each art piece.

The KGM Scholarship Fund was established by Mr. King this year to provide financial assistance to graduating high school seniors in Gadsden County seeking a career in the arts or related forms, such as fine arts, architecture, theatre, music, culinary, fashion design, etc. The scholarship will be awarded during the opening reception. For more information visit:

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