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Vic Vickers: Difference Maker, May 31, 2018

Vic Vickers has spent his entire life in Havana and lives here now with his wife, Amy, who owns the hair salon, Amy’s Hairstyling.

They have four grown children (three boys and a girl) and “a truckload of grandchildren.”

From 1974-1980 Vickers worked as a radio operator for the Havana Police Department and planned to pursue a career in law enforcement. His friend, then-police-chief Bill Shelfer, was instrumental in changing his mind.

After Vickers also began working at Stone’s Hardware in July, 1978, Shelfer told him retail was a better opportunity.

Back then, Stone’s was in what is now the H&H building in downtown Havana. It moved to its present location, south of Havana on U.S. 27, in 1982. Vickers, already store manager in 1982, moved with it and is still there. I

n addition to managing Stone’s, Vickers and his brother own several rental properties.

Why did you choose your two careers?
My dad, Don Vickers, was a dry goods salesman and in the rental business. Now our family is also blessed being in rentals and retail.

Many people recommended you as a difference maker and as someone who knows the difference makers in the community. Why?
I’ve been the store manager at Stone’s since Mike Stanley left in 1981 and have worked here for 40 years. You meet a lot of people in all those years. I also got to know people by doing the Concord pilau for many years. I am a people person, so I know a lot about what goes on in our community, and of course a lot of people have come to know me.

You’re known to quietly help people who have fallen on hard times. Tell us about that.
I like to be a giver, not a taker, like my dad, who often helped folks out.

You were the Kiwanis Club Volunteer of the Year in 2017. How did that make you feel?
It was a great honor, of course. There are so many other deserving people in our community. The most rewarding thing for me, however, was living up to my dad’s example. He won the same award seven years earlier, and I was proud to be following in his footsteps.

What other charities have you been involved with?
I was with the volunteer fire department for 30-plus years, volunteered at the Havana Recreation Department for 20-plus years, and part of the Concord Cemetery volunteers. I’m a member of the Kiwanis Club, which does charity work. For the past seven years, I’ve been assistant basketball coach at the Grace Academy in Bainbridge, Ga. I ran more golf events for good causes than I can count. I like to help out.

What has kept you in Havana all these years?
Havana is a great place to live. I am very comfortable here. Stone’s is a great company to work for. They gave me the opportunity to participate in my four kids’ lives when they were growing up. Those memories are worth more than any salary I might have achieved.

By Judy Conlin