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Woman found in submerged car identified by Chattahoochee police

The body of a woman that was found on Sunday, December 27 in Chattahoochee has been identified by Chattahoochee Chief of Police Fred O’Brian.

The woman, who was found inside her vehicle, which was submerged in the waters of the Apalachicola River at River Landing Park, has been identified as 71-year-old Wanda Dudley, of Grand Ridge, Florida (Jackson County).

Chief O’Brian’s report states that two witnesses notified the police department of a vehicle submerged in the water at River Landing Park at around 12:56 p.m. on December 27.

Chattahoochee Police Officer S. Bruner responded to the scene and observed a red Toyota RAV4 that was submerged below the surface of the water between the park’s dock and walkway.

Officer Bruner waded out to the vehicle and broke the rear glass of car to determine if the occupants were still inside the vehicle.

According to the report from the police, Officer Bruner reached through the broken window into the RAV4, but was unable to grab and locate anyone inside the vehicle nor was he able to see anyone inside the vehicle.

The Chattahoochee Police requested assistance from Affordable Towing, who responded with heavy recovery equipment and divers.

After the vehicle had been pulled towards the shore with heavy chains and towing cables, the diving crew was able to determine that there was still an occupant inside the vehicle.

Upon this discovery, investigators with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement responded to the scene.

The vehicle’s occupant, who was determined to be deceased, was carefully removed from the vehicle and transported to a coroner in Tallahassee for an autopsy.

According to a press release issued by Chief O’Brian, Dudley’s death has been officially ruled as a drowning by the medical examiner in Tallahassee.

Chief O’Brian reports that there are no indications of foul play in Dudley’s death and the police department have ruled it as accidental.

Ashley Hunter – editor@prioritynews