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Cat Tales – Beebe’s letter to Santa

Beebe’s letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I’m getting nothing for Christmas.

Mommy and Nurse Judy are mad.

They say I’m getting nothing for Christmas,

Because I have been nothing but bad.

But, jolly, jolly Santa Claus,

Lean your ear this way, 

And listen very carefully

 To what I’m going to say.

I always try to be good,

But I’m a kitty after all.

It’s fun to push things off the desk, 

And watch them as they fall. 

I did climb up the window drapes,

And, yes, they were brand new.

I didn’t mean to rip them.

Just climbed up for the view.

Sometimes I don’t like performing

My roly poly trick,

So I’ll just cough up a hairball

And pretend that I am sick. 

That isn’t being naughty,

(I usually play my part)

I’m not trying to do mischief.

Just trying to be smart.

I’m always getting yelled at

When guest dogs come to call,

They race around my house

And chase a rubber ball. 

They really are quite rude,

So I give them a friendly bat.

It’s what you do to rowdy dogs,

When you’re the “live-in” cat.

I know I scratched the furniture,

When sharpening my claws,

But I can’t defend my household 

With soft and fluffy paws.

I never try to misbehave,

So kindly, if you would,

Take my name off that naughty list

And put me on the good. 


Beebe Baloo

P.S. I love you, Santa. Have a meowy Christmas!