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Disney-Pixar’s Finding Nemo Jr. premiers at Quincy Music Theatre

Preparing for the show

The Quincy Music Theatre has been home to many productions, but this summer was the first time the theatre company presented the adapted interpretation of Disney-Pixar’s Finding Nemo Jr.

The show premiered on Friday, June 30 and ran through Sunday, July 2.

This was the first time the show was presented in Gadsden County, as the rights were only recently released.

What made the show extra special was the cast. 

It was made up of children of all ages, with the youngest member being only six years old.

All of the cast and crew members attend Quincy Music Theatre’s annual summer camp.

Director of the show, Helena Connolly, said she is proud of the children and how much they have learned in such a short time.

The summer camp was held from June 5 through June 29.

Some of the children said what they enjoyed most about the camp was hanging out with their friends.

When it comes to show time, for most stage fright is not a problem, in fact they said an audience pushes them to do better.

Connolly said the key to balancing the fun of the summer camp with show demands is breaks–making

sure to not push too much on them.

Whether the kids want to be an actor or a doctor, Connolly said they all walk away with a fun experience.

Opening night

Family members, friends and others from the community arrived at The Leaf Theatre on Friday night eager to see the children perform.

As previously mentioned, the adapted interpretation of the 2003 Disney-Pixar cartoon relied on a cast studded with precocious child-actors, a songbook of discreetly familiar tunes, and a mise-en-scène closely entwined with the story production.

The movie-to-stage storyline doesn’t stray too far from the established one.

There are a few extra scenes peppered throughout — doubtless they are theatre-exclusive — yet they only add to the atmosphere.

Viewers were guided, scene by scene, through the adventures of Marlin, a lonesome clownfish, and the excursion of Nemo, his only son.

Together With Dory, an iconic accidental companion, the trio adventure through the customs and locales near Australia’s Coral Sea.

Between the Nemo (Anna Jackson), Marlin (Dara Britton), and Dory (Ezri Britton) of this adaptation, there was a strong, unifying chemistry. The supporting cast further contributed to what already was a strong theatrical foundation.

Spectators appeared to be pleased with the production, as many marveled at the choreography and chuckled at the many stabs of humor.

There was also a sweet addition to the summer production.

To help cool theatregoers cool off, Tropical Paradise Shaved Ice from Blountstown was set up outside The Leaf selling shaved ice during all three nights of the show.

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