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Let’s talk – Gadsden County Sheriff’s office launches new mentoring program for girls.

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office hosted its Let’s Talk Mentoring, Brunch, and Round-Table Discussion on the morning of Saturday, June 24.

The sheriff’s office aims to provide a governmental lifeline for the mentoring, future employment, and success of the young ladies of Gadsden County, beating back against any possible or potentially negative influences. The first of two meetings–the second of which is scheduled for before the beginning of the school year–it was a striking success with far more girls in attendance than expected.

Beginning with a prayer and a message from Captain Anglie Holmes and Alma Venisee, who are the coordinators for the program.

There were more than 25 girls at the gathering.

The young ladies were provided with a hearty morning brunch of buttery-blazed biscuits, seared sausage, and eggs along with a juice of choice. 

Girls are served brunch during the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office’s Let’s Talk:
mentoring, bunch and round-table discussion

“As the program is headed by women, we understand the plights that young girls have. We want to lead them towards consistent, positive change, away from fads or spur of the moment issues. We want to lead them towards greater things, and mentors can give those benefits by providing wisdom and opportunity. Firstly, we have to be respectful to ourselves, and then respect, of course, will spread towards everyone else. It’s our responsibility as adults and parents—leaders—to instill this in our children, Hallelujah,” preached Captain Holmes.

As the event moved to the basement, around a long discussion table, a number of guest speakers from the Girls Elite Mentoring Program, some of whom have had long-standing and personal ties to the directors, spoke about their personal experiences in and around the program.

“When young girls are going through that change and growth around middle to high school, when they’re dating, and going through stuff, it’s important to have someone that they can trustfully speak to,” said

Yasmin Burns. “It’s too essential to have someone to confide in. Mrs. V’s program provided me a number of great opportunities that allowed me to blossom today, even to finish up my Associates of Arts degree in July. Listen, the sky is the limit.”

Burns, who plans to transfer to FAMU in the Fall, is also a mentor in the program.

Many of the speakers, who came from a wide variety of backgrounds, spoke about how they were able to find joy and success whilst overcoming hardships.

These speakers, many of whom double as mentors, included Myeshia Ash, Precious Haynes, Lazania Robinson, Sierra Harris, Tosha Walker, and motivational speaker Rick Price.

All of them shared stories of how a strong, healthy support system allowed them to flourish, and expressed a desire to pass along their wisdom as a form of generational wealth.

Near the end, the young ladies were given gift bags from Captain Holmes and Mrs. V, signed up for mentors and then posed for photographs. 

For more information about the Girls Elite Mentoring Program,  contact (850)-627-9233 – ask for

Captain Holmes regarding the ‘Let’s Talk’ Program.

Rubén Darío Uribe – Gadsden County News Service